Thursday, March 20, 2014

Beauty's Litter!

We are excited to announce that Beauty had a litter of puppies last night!  Her first puppy was born at 7:29, and she had seven puppies.  By 11pm, she was all done.  There are four females and three males.
Mom and puppies are doing very well.  She, like Princess, in an exceptional mother!  We will post more pictures later.
Here's a picture off the web cam of some fat and happy puppies sleeping with momma!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Farm Update

While our family thoroughly enjoyed winter, we are now looking forward to the next season.  This year we played hockey until March 8th, and then tapped our trees the next day - that was a first! :)  But now the pond is melted, most days, and it's time to order chicks, deliver goat kids and lambs, and have puppies.  I love the change of seasons! :)

Well, we are anxiously awaiting a litter of puppies from Beauty.  We did not have an exact date with this litter, so we have been watching her close.  She is getting big! :)  Every morning we put her outside with the other dogs so that she can get sunshine and fresh air.  Then every night we put her in a pen with the puppy cam on her.  Last night she seemed restless.  Maybe today will be the day! :)

Spring is in the air around the farm.  All of our trees are tapped and the sap is beginning to run.  Yeah!  Today we will wash barrels and collect sap for the first time.

Our little greenhouse is brimming with new life.  The seeds have sprouted and the plants are growing. It is always a strange feeling, planting seeds when there is so much snow on the ground, but getting our hands in the dirt again brings hope of warm sunshine. :)

If you are on our waiting list, we will let you know when the puppies arrive! :)