Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Farmgirl's Journal ~ Meet Beauty!

This is Beauty, our latest addition to Housman Farm Pyrs!!!  We picked her up in Wisconsin on Sunday and are so excited about her!  Just a quick slide show I put together from a photo shoot with Beauty yesterday! Right now Movie Maker is acting up and I can't see anything until I publish it on YouTube, so it's not perfect, but enjoy! :)  We sure are enjoying our new pup!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Spring Piano Recital

Here is a video of the boys and I (Emily) at our Spring Recital.  Jonny played a fun version of "Home on the Range" (this was a really difficult song, but he worked really hard on it and did a great job!), Ben played "Mysterious Private Eye" (we call Ben "Bentoven" because he learns his recital songs in about 2 weeks...wish I was that good!  ;-)) and I played "All of Me" by Jon Schmidt (The Piano Guys) and "Pirates of the Caribbean" by Jarrod Radnich (surprise at the ending ;-)). 

I (we...Ben and Jonny too!) feel very privileged to have such wonderful parents who have paid for lessons for me for years (almost twelve, to be exact!).  I enjoy piano soooooo much, so thank you Mom and Dad!!!!!!!! :)

Enjoy ;)