About Us

Why do we farm? Our passion for organically grown foods started long before we moved out to the country. The move to our acreage in 2001 was our opportunity to put our passion into practice. We believe that “real” food is free from chemicals, preservatives, dyes, pesticides, and hormones. Nothing but the best for our family. And now, nothing but the best for you!

Are we Organic?

Are you impressed with the USDA Organic seal? We’re not. How is it that suddenly major food corporations have “organic” products, for just pennies more than their conventional line? We think that the organic food movement was hijacked by “big food”, and now by Uncle Sam. We know many good organic growers, some certified, some not. The key is knowing the farmer. Personally, we don’t trust the label. So here at Housman Farms, we have opted not to be certified, but rather to produce for local folks that can see our farm and get to know us. This establishes the trust that we are growing your food the way you would.