Sunday, February 22, 2015


On the farm, we look forward to January and February.  They are what we call our "downtime" since there is not much to do as far as animal chores go.  I usually set aside projects for this special time of year, looking forward to all that I will get done.  Well, not this year...

One of my favorite saying about our farm life is, "There is never a dull moment!", because often, when you are raising animals, the unexpected happens. :/  So we had lambs sooner than expected, in weather that was colder than we would have liked.  How long have we been doing this?  Shouldn't we have this figured out by now? :)  Then we had a litter of puppies that we needed to bottle feed every three hours around the clock.  Whew!  It was an intense time, and we were all stretched in ways we didn't know we could stretch. :)

I grew up in the city.  The dream of having my own property, growing my own food, and raising animals gave me the idea that life could not be more perfect.  Really, what more could you ask for?  Sanity. :)  LOL 

I ran into an old friend the other day, and she said, "Oh, my daughter really wants to talk to you.  She and her husband would love to live life the way you guys do."  I had to laugh!  I said, "Tell her not to do it!" :)  (Most people like to post about how perfect their life is, well, I guess I'm too honest. :) )

No really, I would not trade my life for city life, but if you think farm life is the answer to all your problems, think again!  It is crazy busy at times!  And it is very hard work.  Some times your work pays off, other times you feel discouraged.  That's life!  Living on a farm doesn't change that. I am constantly reminding myself to be thankful - I have SO much to be thankful for!  And through it all we are learning and growing...I think. :)  Maybe growing more crazy. LOL!

So now, recovering, we spring into spring knowing that the Lord will give us the grace to change our downtime into crazy busy time, to adjust our plans, and to trust that He will directs our steps. :)