Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mucking out the barn

With spring just around the corner (tomorrow to be exact), things are starting to thaw out around here. All winter long the sheep get new straw added to their pen to keep it clean and dry, but with the warm weather all the frozen deposits start to get soft, making it impossible to keep the pen in acceptable condition.

So, the menfolk here at the farm got out the pitchforks last week and pitched six or seven big skid loader buckets full of manure out of the barn. Ben and Jonny took turns with the second pitchfork, and even were allowed to dump the contents of the bobcat bucket into the pile, a thrill for them worth mucking around in the stinky pen.

This manure was piled up to compost, and will be spread on our gardens next year. Also, I every couple of years we spread some under our fruit trees. I'm considering selling some of the composted manure from last year, as I have a very large pile. Let me know if you need some!

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