Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Emily and I like to have tea together in the afternoons. Today we sipped Lady Londonberry tea (thanks Natasha!) while we munched on a cookie and read chapter four of "Wilderness Wife". The book is the wonderful story of Rebecca Boone (Daniel Boone's wife) and her loving devotion to a "traipsin" man.

When we finished tea, I went out to the barn to check on the sheep, knowing we could be lambing at any moment, while the guys were off trapping gophers. Molly was acting strange. While all the other sheep sat there lazily chewing their cud, she moved about anxiously, not being able to get comfortable. She would lie down, then get up again. Over and over again she would attempt to get comfortable on the ground, and then get back up again. Pawing at the ground, is another obvious sign of labor, and she did that repeatedly. I just sat there quietly observing. Our sheep have never labored as fast as our goat did. They like to take their time, and enjoy the process. :)

The children hate to leave the barn at times like these. But life goes on! Our voice teacher pulled up the driveway shortly after everyone was clued in on the laboring. Emily tried to talk her into doing lessons in the barn, but to no avail.

After voice lessons, Emily and I went out to milk Millie, and soon after Emily resumed her "labor assistant" position. Everyone else had supper, but Emily is too excited to eat. We called some friends to watch the birth-we'll see if they make it. :) Birthing, no matter who or what, is always a miracle worth watching. Although, I wouldn't have wanted any crowds at my deliveries! :)

Well, just another exciting day on the farm! We sure aren't lacking for activity around here. If it weren't for the fact that publishing posts on the blog takes lots of time, we would be writing everyday! :}

Off to check on Molly again........ hopefully we get some sleep tonight! :)

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