Saturday, December 11, 2010

Forest City Stockade Pioneer Christmas

Every December the Forest City Stockade puts on a pioneer Christmas. Each building houses a man or woman working a trade from that era. We saw the potter, the candle maker, the printer, the gunsmith, and the baker....just to name a few. It was such a pretty setting with the fresh snow on all the log buildings, and the horse-drawn sleighs were especially beautiful!

The kids enjoyed eating the gingerbread men from the bakery, but the horehound candy from the doctor left a little to be desired. They practiced dipping beeswax candles and learning how the printer sets his type. It was fun watching the potter working with the clay; he made it look so easy! We spent a lot of time in the church singing Christmas songs with the old-timers and playing the mandolin and the pump organ. It was a nice day! :)

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