Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sugaring season is here

Here are a few pictures of our make-shift sugar shack that Mike and our neighbor put together.  We got a new evaporator this year, but with the ground still frozen we cannot build, so the sugar shack will get built this summer.

We came very close to doing a sugaring class this year, but with all the commotion involved in getting the new system and setting it up, we canned the idea. But if you would like to come over some afternoon and see our operation up, give us a call. We may even put you to work collecting sap. :)

We have collected sap twice now, but haven't started boiling yet (probably tomorrow).  It takes our family about 45 minutes to collect all the sap, an activity that we all enjoy.  Who doesn't want an excuse to go outside in the spring? :)

The water in our slough has risen considerably with the thawing weather and some of our trees are in standing water.  My two adventuresome little boys had to take the wooden boat out in order to collect some of the sap tonight....they didn't have to be told twice! :)

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