Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Last Friday we celebrated Mom's Birthday!  It was so fun to take a day to celebrate our wonderful Mother.  :)  I am so grateful for her and all she does for us.  Being the only girl out of three (wonderful!) brothers, I always really wanted a little sister.  Not that I still wouldn't love a little sister, but Mom has become my closest friend and not only is she the most amazing Mom any girl could want, but she's also become my sort of "sister".  :)  Our relationship has always been wonderful, but the last few years I feel like it has really blossomed, and I have found my best friend.  Seriously, I couldn't ask for a better best friend!!!  If I could choose one person to hang out with it would be M-O-M.  We can talk all day (and night), shop for a very long time, and have more crazy fun together than should be allowed!   If I had one hour to spend with any friend, it'd be Mom!  Mom and I are so similar ("kindred spirits" as Anne of Green Gables would say).  She usually knows what I'm thinking or how I'm feeling without me even saying a thing!  ...and vice versa.  (Mom says, (as we are puzzling over something or other,) "Oh, Emily, I've got it!"  I say, "YES!  That's a GREAT idea!"  And we both know what we're talking about.)  She's always there to laugh with me, cry with me, counsel me when I'm struggling, and just be there.    .....Or more recently, to holler at me when I'm driving through my first intersection and rather confused by her commands......  "Keep going! Keep going!  GO! GO!  GO!   AHHHHH STOPPPPPPPP!  NO-O-O GO!!!!! Emily, STOP!!!!!  (I slam on the breaks, nearly sending my driver instructor through the windshield).  QUICK!!!!  GO, GO, GO!!!!!"   LOL!  (That is the not-very-dramatized version of our time in the car today).  Ahhhh...the delights of getting your driver's permit!  ;)  Yes, we definitely have fun together.  :)

I'm very grateful for the amazing example Mom sets for me.  She is an amazing model to me of a wonderful mother, wife, and just person. 

I'm so grateful for you Mom!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for always being there for me!  Thank you for investing in me, always making time for me, and nurturing me.  I am so thankful for our special relationship, I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!


Happy Birthday!!! :)

Pictures from Mom's Birthday.......

Is that not the most drop-dead-gorgeous couple you ever saw???  :)  Mom and Dad on her 20th Birthday last Friday.  (Well, they both look it, anyways!) ;-)
My beautiful Mom. :)
Birthday breakfast-in-bed
Birthday Lunch
Some pictures from our hike in a park on her Birthday....
Mom & Dad
Ben & Jonny
Emily :)
Mom and the boys
Mom and I
Dad and I
Mom and I again
Our cream sundaes!
The Birthday Girl.  :)
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