Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Enjoying Fall

What a nice long fall we have had - and the colors are so beautiful.  Every time I go for a walk, I have to stop for a moment and just enjoy the beauty of this season - my favorite time of year.

The puppies are growing so fast.  They are chubby little guys! :)  They remind me of little pigs. :) lol  Princess is such a great mom.  She is so very gentle.  I don't know how she climbs in and out of the whelping box without smothering or stepping on anyone.  The pups will be 4 weeks old this Sunday and will likely be out of the whelping box soon.  They are so much fun!

Here are a few fall pictures from the farm. :)

Harvesting pumpkins

Big Tom

Jackson watching over the boys (they were digging potatoes) while enjoying the shade from the apple trees

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