Monday, March 2, 2015

Veggies For Dogs

Every fall we stock our root cellar with organic produce from our farm.  While most of that food will be consumed by our family, our dogs (and the puppies we sell) get to enjoy the fruits of our labor too.  :)

If you have purchased a puppy from us, you know that we are big promoters of raw food.  We believe that our dogs (carnivores) will be healthiest if they eat what they were designed to eat - raw meat and bones.  But meat isn't all a carnivore will eat.  They get some grains, greens, and fruit in their diet when they eat their prey.  If a dog consumes a rabbit, it will eat the whole thing - even the contents of its stomach.  With that in mind, we feed our dogs some raw veggies, fruits and raw fermented foods.

Today it was time to grate fruits and vegetables for the dogs.  We do that about once a week.  After the apples, carrots and beets are collected from the root cellar, they are run through our food processor and grated into small pieces.  The raw fruit and vegetables are then sprinkled on our dogs food every day.  Since they are known for licking their bowls clean, I think it's safe to say they are enjoying their food. :)   It is a joy to know that they are getting what they need to have excellent health, and it's a joy to grow healthy pups for you. :)

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