Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday's Happenings

Time to till. Ben is putting the compost on the garden.

One of Callie's puppies. :)

This one looks so comfortable! :)

Two can stay warm better than one! ;)

Some of Beauty's puppies. They all went to see the vet today - standard vet check. These cuties will be going to their new homes soon. One of them gets to fly on an airplane! :)

This is Gentleman. Our Ragdoll farm cat. We got him a number of years ago...I bet you didn't know they could be farm cats! :) He has adjusted very well and seems very happy to be living on the farm.  

Happy Birthday to our dear friend Brenda! Emily and I took her out for breakfast this morning. Brenda has been a huge blessing to both of us! She is a God-fearing woman and a prayer warrior who has taught us a lot about prayer. We are so thankful for her friendship! May the Lord bless you, Brenda! You are such a blessing and encouragement to so many!!!

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