Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Almost Ready to Milk Goats

Today we put the final wraps on the the milk room in our barn. We ran a temporary electric wire over the frozen tundra to our chickencoop. After spring thaw we will trench one underground. Then we hung some nice used cabinets that our friend Tim Aamot from Cokato gave us. (Tim did our kitchen cabinets several years ago, and did a beautiful job. He also builds hope chests --

Now I need to get a milking stand made. This is a raised platform that the goat stands on while being milked. Since goats aren't very tall, it makes it easier on the back of the milkmaid. It is a good deal for the goat too, they get a treat of grain while being milked. I found some plans on the internet, and hope to build the stand next week with the boys (another shop class project).

In addition to the milking stand, we need to get a stainless steel milkpail, some filtering equipment, and other odd-and-ends. Then, I'll find out just how sincere all those family members that said "I'll milk the goat" really were!!!

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