Monday, February 23, 2009

Building the Milking Stand

Today we had another carpentry class for the boys. Unfortunately Ben had a dentist appointment so he missed out on most of it. The task today was to build a milking stand for our goats. For those of you that have never milked a goat (I am still part of that group for another three weeks), a "milking stand" is a platform that the goat stands on for milking. A goat being much shorter than a cow would require a person to almost stand on their head to milk it. The milking stand also has a built in stanchion - a device that goes around the goats neck to keep it from moving around too much. This component is also called a "head gate".

With Emily running the camera, taking video and photos, Jonny and I built this together in about three hours. Of course it would have been quite a bit quicker, but trying to direct a video shoot while helping a young man develop his carpentry skills slowed things down considerably. (By the way, if anyone likes to edit video, I have some footage I need to compile. I thought it would be fun to post on YouTube.)

The plans for this milking stand were downloaded from

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