Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Live! by Emily

Saturday started out normal... Mom went out with a friend for coffee, Dad and Jonny went to a political meeting, and I (Emily) was left with Ben, while Brandon worked outside. Ben and I did various things in the house, then came out and worked on weeding a small flower bed. After everyone else was home, we worked on various outside projects, and worked in the garden. I don't remember exactly how it happened...but we were at the garden, and Ben and I were raking around one of the small herb gardens. Dad needed some tool that was in the barn, so Jonny got on Mom's 4-wheeler to go get it. I wanted to go with too, as it was hot, and a cool fast ride would feel good. Anyways, at the barn Jonny was getting whatever it was Dad needed and I decided to run and glance at Valerie quick, who was in a separate pen. I peeked into the pen and to my shocked surprise Valerie was laying down, and a lamb was almost out of her! After I got over my shock, I quickly ordered Jonny to ride very quickly to Dad and get him! I then got into the pen with a towel and wiped off the lambs nose real good...something we always do immediately after birth, so the lamb can breath asap. Soon everyone was there and we named the little girl, as she turned out to be, Vanessa. She was a small but healthy little thing, and was barely out before she was kicking and trying to get on her wobbly long legs. We called the Hendrickson's and Zeglan's, but unfortunately, neither were able to come. Soon after, Vanessa's sister, Victoria, popped out! This was only Valerie's second time being pregnant, so we figured she was done. The lambs were lively and healthy, and were soon nursing up a storm. To our surprise, Valerie laid down and began to push! A third girl, Veronica, was born. They are all so healthy, along with their excellent Momma, and are SO cute!
While Valerie was poppin' out girl after girl, Bertha, over in the big pen decided to join in on the party. We noticed she was oozing goop and blood, and got her in a separate pen next to Valerie. Around the time Valerie was pushing out her last lamb, Bertha was pushing out her first-and yes, it was a girl!!! Betsy-Ann, our sixth lamb, joined the flock! After licking off her lamb, Bertha got back to business, and out came .....not a girl this time, but a boy! Ben and Jonny insisted on naming him Billy. Bertha, determined to keep up to Valerie, soon delivered another boy, who Ben and Jonny insisted on naming Bobby. Whew! Six lambs in an hour to an hour and a half is a lot of excitement! ...but lots of fun! ....and oh, SO CUTE!


Little Learners said...

I am SO READY to see some pictures of these little lambs, Emily!
Love, Aunt Melissa
PS> Did you ever do your homework on "procrastination"?

Mindy said...

Sorry we haven't put any pictures on yet. Life has been a whirlwind lately! We have probably taken a hundered pictures of moms and lambs-just need to get them posted.
You will seen them soon!! :)

the W. family said...

Hello Emily!
Wow! That must have been an exciting afternoon for you! 6 lambs born in a short time! What fun! I am looking forward to a couple of our goats having kids next month.
Spring is a fun time of year with new life being born on the farm!


Mindy said...

Thanks for the comment! It's so exciting and fun to read comments!
Our other goat will be having kids in two months! And yes, Spring sure is a fun time of year!

Janice said...

Hi Emily! I noticed that the lambs share the first letter of the mother's name....have you done that before? I bet it makes
the names easier to remember.
My paternal grandmother's middle name was Victoria.
Love, Grandma Janice

Mindy said...

It was mom's idea to use do the names that way-and yes, it makes it a lot easier to remember!
Thanks for the comment!

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