Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily!

Today was Emily's birthday! (Actually it was the 28th, but we celebrated today.) The day started out like all birthdays in our family start out- with breakfast in bed. She enjoyed spinach pesto kefir-cheese eggs, toast with her homemade grape jelly, fresh picked strawberries and sugar, orange juice, and of course coffee. :) Then we headed to Stanley-Eddie Park for a two hour long hike. It was a beautiful day, and we had lots of fun! Mid-trail we stopped for a picnic lunch, which we had packed. After our hike, Emily and I headed to a tea shop to meet some friends for tea. Then, of course, we did a little shopping! :) When we got home, Emily jumped out of my car and into the truck, and went out for coffee with Dad. They enjoyed a date in a park, sipping coffee. Mike told Emily that since she was now thirteen years old it was probably time for her to start dating. Emily looked at him surprised. Then he told her that they needed to set some rules for dating. Mike said, " The first rule can only date me!" :) They came home from their date and we had tacos and watched a movie Emily had picked out. (One of her favorites- "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers") Then of course, we had cake!

We are so thankful for Emily. Her girlish ways (drama) keep us in stitches! And we love her quick, witty sense of humor. She is kind, sensitive, grateful, and thoughtful.
Happy Birthday, honey!

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