Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Absent-Minded Mechanic

Our family recently rented an old movie called "The Absent-Minded Professor". The movie has lots of good clean humor, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Emily and I had to laugh at how the movie very accurately portrays a man involved in a project. The professor could think of nothing else (not even his own wedding) until he had solved the problem he was working on. "Just five more minutes...", he'd say.
When Brandon is working on one of his shop projects, he can think of nothing else. You may think he is listening to your conversation, but his brain will be working away solving a problem with one of his engines. So we have dubbed him, "The Absent-Minded Mechanic". :)

Brandon and I have something in common.....our love for junk! Neither of us can really see the potential in the other one's junk, and we would both argue that our junk (my antiques and his motors) is not junk! Yet we both enjoy browsing garage sales and flea markets for unwanted treasures.
Not only does Brandon enjoy fixing things, he's also very good at it (thanks to Mike's tutoring). He has a mind for creating things, and for problem solving. Sometimes he and Mike will go on and on, mulling a problem over, thinking of all the possibilities, until they finally figure out the solution. It's funny to listen to because it all sounds like gibberish to me.

When he was little he always amazed me with his inventions. Brandon was famous for saying, "Dad I should invent a ______ that does _____!" And then Mike would respond, "That was already invented." Someday he will invent something new........you just wait! :)

When Brandon was fifteen he bought a mini bike, and that was the beginning of his love for repairing motorized things. With help from Dad, and lots of browsing through repair manuals, he slowly began to acquire and fix lots of junk. Buying broken things, fixing them, and reselling them became the pattern. He now has his own junk yard. :( But we have put limits on how big it can get. :)

Eventually friends began to ask Brandon to repair things for them. When we built our new barn Mike graciously provided him with a concrete pad and space to do his repairs. So Brandon now has his own shop to run his small engine repair business. If you have equipment that needs fixin' or would like to purchase used small engine equipment give him a call.


Stephanie said...

this is great! Owen is working on learning to repair things and our little community really needs a small engine repair person! looking for an apprentice? :*)

Mindy said...

It's great experience for boys! Brandon has not had any trouble finding work in our small community either. Nice to hear from you! :)