Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Boys!

My boys amaze me! They seem to have the most imaginative and creative minds. I suppose all boys are that way, I am just slightly biased. :) Being country boys, they seem to have an abundance of "tools" to work with. I would always cringe as I drove past those places in the country with big junk piles in the yard....what a mess! Now I am beginning to understand the need for junk, as even my BIG boy needs "tools" to work with.
As Mike was building our chicken plucker and scalder from scratch, he would often comment on how he wished we had bought an old farm site with a junk yard on it. Then he'd have scraps to work with. It suddenly dawned on me that those piles were useful. I just always thought they were an eye girl! :) Those resourceful old farmers were just hanging on to their junk because on a farm you need much as I hate to admit it. :)
Well, back to my boys being creative.... One day Emily and I were working in the house and we looked out the window and saw the three boys floating along in the slough on a car seat! "What in the world....!" Laughing hysterically, we went running outside to see what those crazy boys were up to!
Dad had given them the job of disking up the four wheeler trails, so they weren't so bumpy. Well, both Ben and Jonny wanted to ride with Brandon on his cool tractor, so Brandon, Mr. Creative himself, figured out how they could all ride.....comfortably! :)
Brandon strapped a bench seat from an old van to his tractor, and away they went...the three of them. Because the cattails were so tall, we could only see the van seat from the house. It looked as if they were happily flying along through the slough. (Brandon has been talking about making some sort of thing that can fly.)
I've learned to never underestimate the ability of young men to find a way to make things better, stronger, more efficient, or more comfortable! :)

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