Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cute, Adorable, Friendly, WONDERFUL Kittens For Sale! by, Emily

As you all know, my cat had seven kittens. They are seven weeks today, and it's time to start finding them good homes. Five of the seven are still available, as one has been reserved, and I have sold one. Also, a lady is coming tomorrow to look at them and she's either getting Mocha or for now they are also not available...but I'll post a comment when she decides which one to get, so you know which ones are available. Also, when I wrote my post about the kittens being born, I said they were all boys. Well, a couple days ago, I just happened to be "re-checking" my kittens, and I realized Butternut is a girl. ...the only one! :) haha! Mocha is the littlest one of them all, and he looks fairly similar to Momma Kitty. I suppose if I had to say what color he is in one word, I'd say dark gray....but he also has quite a bit of tan and black and a little creamy white mixed in there too. ...but he's not spotted with those colors...he's more all gray, with some of those other colored hairs mixed in. SO, SO ADORABLE!!!!!! He is so, so, so cute! He is absolutely not, not, NOT a scaredy-cat at all. He's SUPER friendly, and comes running right up to me! He loves being held .....and is also really good with children. He loves to just sit on my lap, and loves being around people. Mocha tends to be a favorite with everyone who gets to meet him! Well, now we have Cinnamon and Spice, two dark orange kittens. They both have just a little white on their tummy, paws, and maybe a little-little on their faces...but not much. Spice is a little bigger than Cinnamon. He's an awfully playful little bugger....and he's so cute to watch! Of course he is also really friendly, and doesn't mind being held. He looks a lot to me like a miniature lion or something, he is ADORABLE! Cinnamon is much like Mocha. He just loves attention, and loves being held. Him and Mocha are normally the first kittens to get to me when I go out to the barn to milk in the morning. He is really, really cute, I love his beautiful dark orange color. I'm sure him and Spice will grow up to be big, beautiful tom cats. If your looking for a super cute, tame, friendly, and gentle kitten, Cinnamon will work great! Licorice is the kitten that was sold, so of course he's not available any more. :) Butternut is, as I said before, the only girl. She is light orange, which is actually very uncommon, as it is very rare for there to be female orange cats. Butternut is so cute, and she has the most white of any of the kittens. Her face has quite a bit of white on it, (not tons, though) as do her paws and tummy. Butternut has a very nice personality. She is rather mild, very gentle, and very sweet, but despite all that, she is playful. Butternut is a very pretty, dainty little kitten, and if you want a calm kitten, that is good with children, and that doesn't scratch, bite, hiss, or get wild, that would would be Butternut....great personality! Peanut and Butterscotch are also light orange, with little or none white markings. They are extremely playful, and when I pet them, the just purr, and purr, and PURR! They're really cute....really, REALLY cute!!!! They both have great....well....personalities, for lack of a better word! I'm selling them for $10.00 each, to good homes. If you would like to come see them, you are VERY welcome. Just call me (Emily) (320-275-0121), or post a comment. If you would like to get one, or have us reserve one for you, call me or post a comment! won't regret it! :) (Note: all of our kittens are very healthy....the lady who bought Licorice was very surprised how healthy they are. Secondly, they are, or they will be, great mousers. I gave one of my other kittens to my friend once, and she told me that the kitten I gave her was their only kitten that would catch mice!) Meow!

Above we have Mocha, advertising for himself. :) This is Lady nursing Mocha (middle), Peanut, (right) and Butterscotch(left).

This is Lady nursing her kittens when they were just born. Doesn't she look relaxed?!?

This is Lady, the proud mother.

And here is Charlie, the Daddy of the kittens.

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Mindy said...

Well, the lady that was interested in kittens never showed up, so they're both still available. :)