Friday, September 4, 2009

Getting to posting on the blog is just way too difficult right now. :) We are canning just about every day. The days we don't can we are preparing things for canning. Not to mention trying to get ready for school, butchering chickens, preparing for a family reunion at our house, and helping a family at church decorate for their daughters wedding. I am excited about everything I have to do. I love putting away food for the winter, planning for school, having social events, and of course decorating, but I just don't have any slack time right now. So here I am between customers (today is "Friday on the Farm").
So I hope that explains why we have not posted lately....and what we've been up to.
Here are some fun pictures of Jonny working on a shop project. The boys all have workshops in the garage.
Got to go..........a customer is here! :)

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