Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Wedding

A couple at our church had asked me if I could help decorate for their outdoor wedding. The day after Family Day, I began planning. I had one week to come up with something. I had some ideas previously, but nothing concrete.

While washing dishes, and gazing out the window wondering what I was going to do, I noticed my white picket fences that border my herb garden. Mike made them, and they are so pretty. When he made them, he put tubing on the back of them with a steel rod supporting them so they could easily be removed for mowing (or in this case transported to another yard). So that sparked the idea for a garden theme.

The bride's family had a friend that decorates for weddings. This lady very generously allowed me to use all of her materials. She had arches, bows, and tons of tulle.

Needing a space to work (and make a mess), I decided to turn part of the garage into my workshop for the week. In an effort to keep the cost down, I tried to be creative with things I had on my own property. I decide to make bouquets to hang from my white fences. I gathered herbs (yarrow, chive flowers, and sage), hydrangeas, cedar branches, maple leaves, and even asparagus leaves from my garden. I sprayed some of the flowers white, and some with a clear gloss to preserve them. Once the bouquets were put together, I hung them in my garage upside down so they would dry straight and then stand erect when upright. Then I added a tulle and lace bow to each bouquet. You can see from the pictures how I added tulle to the fences and hung the bouquets from the fences. I put cedar branches and yarrow over the arches.

Brandon agreed to spray paint my rusting rod iron tea table white so I could use it for the unity candle. I placed this under the arch, between the fences.
The couple was able to get 25 church pews from a church that was getting torn down. They also rented white chairs. (The guest count was over 600 people!) I wanted to make it feel like a church, even though it was in a big beautiful yard in the country, on a lake.

Graciously some friends that own a nursery allowed Mike and I to load up our 16 ft. enclosed trailer with whatever we wanted to use for the wedding. This gave me so much material to work with -beautiful planters, shrubs, and small trees.

In the front yard, I put a set of fences with an arch and plants to make it feel like you were entering the church. Then I did the same thing at the back of the chairs, so it felt like you were entering the sanctuary.

There were several tents, to which we added tulle and bows. Then planters were placed all over the yard. I am so thankful for all the help I had putting everything up.

The day was perfect -sunny and gorgeous! It was tons of fun....but not something I will be able to do very often! :)

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Beth said...

Nice blog. Enjoyed going through the wedding arrangements and ceremony. Keep it up the good work and lead a happy life. happy living.

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