Saturday, April 3, 2010

YAHOOO!!!!!!!! We've got KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By, Emily ;)

Lately I have been keeping a close eye on Lady, my cat, as she is pregnant and has been getting really big. This morning when I went out to milk, she didn't eat her breakfast of kefir, raw eggs, and oatmeal I brought her, as well as her fresh, warm goats milk. Instead she ignored me (normally she follows me around, wanting to be petted) and went under the feeder in one of the birthing pens. My mind must have been pretty groggy (I had just gotten up, and was really sleepy!) because I didn't think much of it. Later today, around noon, I went out to check on her not expecting anything, but I've been checking on her on a regular basis lately. I made my rounds through the barn... looked under all the feeders, on top of the haystack, etc., and couldn't find anything. At the last feeder, the one she had gone under earlier, I got down on my hands and knees and peeked under. This feeder is completely surrounded by hard packed bedding, except for a little cat sized hole going under it. I called Lady's name and meowed for her a couple times. No answer, and no movement. But for some strange reason, I thought I'd go get a flashlight and double check. So I did. Shining the flashlight underneath, I saw her, and SHE WAS LICKING SOMETHING ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I quickly started to paw away the bedding, but then decided I'd better change first, and zoomed up to the house on the four wheeler, getting on my overalls. Then I used the pitchfork and cleared away all the bedding from around it..... 1...2....3...4....5...6.... SIX KITTENS!!! I was overjoyed! Let's see here.... one gray kitten with a tiny orange spot on it's head, three light orange ones, one of them with a white ring around it's neck, two calicos!!!!! (Lady is tortie) I was THRILLED to pieces! Sadly though, the littlest one, which was orange, was really weak and was not nursing. He just didn't seem to have any energy and was really cold. I wrapped him up in a towl, fed him through a dropper, and had him next to the heater, but he did not make it. :( But I am still sooo grateful for the other five, who are doing GREAT! Lady is doing great too and sure loves all those little kitten! It's so cute to see her take her paws and tuck them all into her carefully, to lick them, and to lay there, all relaxed and purring. She just loves it! Kittens nursing really relaxes her! Sooooooo, I'll be looking for cute kitten names.... boy or girl, as I'm sure there is some of both (I haven't "checked" them yet) and of course, I'll also be looking for good homes for them all.... if any one would like to reserve one now, leave a comment. I'm sure they'll go fast! ......meow, meow, meow!
P.S. Mom told me to make this post short and not to do too much detail.... hmmm.... I'm not sure how well I did on that one! :/

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