Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Well, Brandon turned 18 today.... wow! Time goes fast. We celebrated it the Saturday before and, of course, the day started out with the traditional breakfast-in-bed. Brandon had buckwheat pancakes, bacon, and a nice hot cup of coffee for his breakfast. Yum! After that, he and Mom went out for coffee and went to the flea market, Brandon's favorite shop. :) While they were gone, me (Emily), Ben, and Jonny made Brandon's cake and made our cards for him. :) After Brandon and Mom got back, we had some lunch and then opened gifts. Then we were off to the gravel pit to do some shooting, which was lots of fun, of course! After a few hours of that, we came home and had a delicious meal of brats roasted over the campfire.... and some root beer. :) We usually watch a movie on Birthdays, and so this time we watched an old movie..... Brandon's Birth! It was so fun. By the time the movie was over, it was really late, so we all went to bed. But the next day we continued the celebration after church. :) I made some pizza and wild grape juice and we watched another movie.... "Brandon's 1st Birthday Part". It was great. Then we wrapped it all up with some chocolate cake.

Brandon is really something else. :) Our family just wouldn't be complete without him. :) Here is a poem I wrote for his Birthday:

In 1992, On October 5th,

There was born a little boy,

20 inches in width.

Cute and Charming,

Cuddly and Sweet,

Before Mama knew it,

He was up on two feet.

Cowboys became his passion,

He loved to play with guns,

Cowboy hat, boot, chaps and all,

It was so much fun!

Then he started a business,

"Brandon's Eggs" it's name,

Everyone loved the "egg boy"

and everywhere spread his fame.

As Brandon grew his interests changed,

Soon it was small engine repair,

He fixed up junk, ran in derbies,

And very well did fare!

Now it's Brandon's Birthday,

2010, October 5th,

He's not that charming baby anymore,

He's now 6'3 in width!

From cowboy hat to welding mask,

He sure has gotten old,

And where he will end up next,

Is yet to be told!

No longer does he don,

His chaps, boots, and cap,

But today he's turned 18,

And wears a birthday hat!

So Happy Birthday Brandon,

I hope you have a fun day,

And may God send many, many blessings....

In your way!

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