Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Farmwife's Journal - April 12th

Our first batch of broiler chicks arrived this morning.  All seventy-five of them are doing well.  They were checked on throughout the day today. 

We finished washing the sap buckets and barrels this afternoon. It was such a beautiful day - almost 70 degrees!  The boys re-stacked the wood that was in the sugar shack to a new location down by the cottonwood tree.  In a few days our make-shift sugar shack will get taken down and replaced with a building for the farmer's market, which begins in May.

All our plant that are growing under lights got to bask in real sunshine today.  It was a little windy, so I didn't leave them out all day.  I will continue to set them out when the weather is nice, and in about a week they will get put into the cold frame on the driveway.   Then mid to late May they will go in the garden.

Our neighbor came and installed four windows in our barn today.  Tomorrow he will put in two more - one in the mechanic's shop and one in the milk room.  I am not sure if the critters are excited about all the extra light in the barn, but me and Em sure are! :)  We are planning to repaint the milkroom and put a curtain on the window.  It will make milking even more enjoyable ....for us girls anyway! :)

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