Saturday, April 30, 2011

Farmwife's Journal-April 30th

More rain today! :(  Hopefully this week we will have a few consecutive days in the garden.  Wind advisory here this afternoon, evening, and into tomorrow....that should help dry things out.
Millie had her babies today.  Ben discovered them when he and Mike were working in the barn.  Another boy and a girl.  Jonny named the boy Buster, but the girl remains nameless.  They were both just over 7lbs.  Mike and Emily will be getting up to feed them throughout the night tonight.  Claire is due tomorrow; she is a first time mom.
Today I experimented with a new bread recipe - cranberry orange.  The boys and Mike ate almost a whole loaf! :)  I guess they liked it!  I want to adjust a few things with it, but am planning to make it along with all my other breads for the Farmer's Market.
Mike and the boys also painted the two new gates that Mike made, and they put wire over the windows in the barn to protect them from goat hooves.
Emily has been complaining of a back ache today.  I think her tumble in the yard is going to land her in the Chiropractor's office.

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