Friday, March 16, 2012

First Day of Sunshine

Yesterday our seedling got their first taste of the great outdoors. Around noon or so I took them out of their little greenhouse in the garage and put them out in the fresh air and sunshine. A few of the Rosemary seeds have now germinated, they are VERY slow and seem to have a low germination rate.

The mud is already drying up around our place. This is good for me psychologically (mud drives me crazy), but probably is not a good sign for the spring. We went into last fall very dry, and we need to get a lot of moisture in order to rehydrate the soils.

Tomorrow I am planning to fire up our evaporator and start boiling sap.  We will have around 120 gallons to boil, so that is a start.  This warm weather is messing up the season, but hopefully it is temporary and we will get back to normal highs and lows for the season.

Lambs should start arriving any day now.  Probably right on time for a few blizzards and below zero nights.  :)

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