Monday, April 9, 2012

Growing Garlic

One of the traditional signs of spring around the farm is when the garlic starts to nose its way up through the straw mulch. It has been peeking out for about 3 weeks now, the earliest I've every seen, due to the early spring (caused by solar flares, but that is a topic for another day).

Garlic plant on March 26th
Late last fall we added HUGE amounts of composted manure and chicken offal to this garden. Garlic loves to have lots of compost to feed on, so we happily obliged it. After quite a few trips over it with our rototiller the soil was nice and loamy... ready to plant!

I had hoped to plant the garlic in early October, but the weather was so warm that I was concerned it might grow to much. So I waited until mid-October.  (Six weeks before the soil freezes is ideal)

Harvest time will be the end of July.  We'll have well over 1000 bulbs for sale at our market.

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