Thursday, June 21, 2012

Farm Tour - Last Friday (June 15th)

Last Friday we had three families come for a farm tour.  Lucy decided to go into labor during the tour, and two of the families were still around when she kidded.  That was fun!  We were thankful that Lucy cooperated for the audience. :)

Enjoying Emily's bunnies

Giving Midgit extra milk from mom

Giving the goats a treat
Enjoying the chickens

Collecting eggs

From Emily...
Lucy kidded last Friday! She decided to go DURING Friday on the Farm! I checked on her right when we were starting the farm tour, and she was in labor. So the two of the families on the tour got to see a goat birth.... perfect timing Lucy! =) It was such a fun experience for them! Lucy surprised us with TWINS. Guess she did have two stuffed in there! Yeah! She is a GREAT mom, both babies are doing fabulous. There was a little trouble getting the second one out... it's legs were back instead of forward, so it was pretty long and hard for Lucy. But the kid was fine and everything went well. A boy and a girl.  We named them Frisky and Fronsie. :)

Watching Lucy kid

Lucy and her first baby (behind her)



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Those little animals are just too cute!