Tuesday, June 12, 2012

If You Guessed Triplets......

The three newest additions to Housman Farms ...  triplet goat kids!

.....you were right!!!  :-)

Millie kidded yesterday (also on her due date.. right on time!!!!!)  She had, yes, TRIPLETS!  (Which is what I voted, too. :))  This is exciting, our first pair of goat triplets to be born on the farm.  =D  We have always had either twins or quads. Millie had them while we were gone at church.  ='(  Of course I was really mad about that.... before we left I checked her and I KNEW she was going to go, but it was graduation Sunday at church and I didn't want to miss it since one of my good friends is graduating!  So I begged Millie to wait until I got home, and I think she tried to because they appeared to just have been born when I got back, they were still all sopping wet.  But I missed the birth.  :(  Oh well, we still have 4 girls left to go this month so.... :) 
Millie had one buck and two does.  They are absolutely precious!  The buck is brown and SO adorable.  He is a BIG boy, about 10 pounds!!!!
Isn't he precious!?!?!?!

So now I have to find him a pet/4-H home within a couple weeks or else he goes to the butcher lady.... but I've never had a buckling go to the butcher lady yet. :)  So, he'll be for sale shortly.... he's so adorable!  :)

Then there is the two does. One, like her brother is a BIG girl, she's about 10 pounds also. The other doe is absolutely TINY.  It's the strangest thing.  She weighs 4 pounds. WOW.  While taking care of them this morning, I mentioned to Jonny that she looks like a little midget-goat.  And the name stuck! 
This is Midget.

Miss Midget

Here's a photo to put in perspective how TINY she is.  She's next to her sister.

Midget vs. her Sister... she is so teeny!

Her sister is (over) twice as big as her!  We are hoping she will make it OK.  She could nurse fine with help last night, but was REALLY hungry this morning and I don't think she got anything all night. :(  So I offered her a bottle and she sucked down almost 2 cups of milk! 
Bottle Feeding

She's such a cutie, we are all hoping she'll be fine.  I'm feeding her every hour or so.  Yaay!  Time to be goat nurse.  =)  (And yes, I'm in my "element" being goat nurse.)  And last feeding I offered the other buck and doe the bottle too, and they were both really hungry.  I have a feeling Millie isn't letting them nurse enough, or they just aren't getting it.  So I think my number of bottle goats just increased by two. =)  Of course I don't mind. :)

The other doeling is SO cute, too.  She is very fluffy and I love her markings. SOOOO adorable!!!

The big-little doe :)

Having a snack

Midget and the buckling.  (We are still deciding on names for the other buck and doe)

So, call us to sign up for a tour this Friday and see the baby goat kids! :)

Next up is Lucy!  This will be Lucy's first time and we are all guessing a single, although she's got a pretty big belly.  But Lucy herself is pretty small. :)  She could have twins packed away in there, but we're guessing just one.... 
Here is Lucy.  Isn't she beautiful? Lucy is every one's favorite. :)

She is due tomorrow.

Then Blondie is due on the 14th, Bonnie is due on the 14th, and Claire is due on the 21st.  It will be an exciting month!  =) 
....especially when it's all over and Jonny and I are milking 6 goats, three of which have never been milked before. 

Oh. My.

Until the next goat kids arrive,
Emily  :D


Melissa said...

well... I would love to have Mister Big Billy Goat Gruff.....is he my prize for being on of the correct guesses??? Guess if the answer is "yes" I will HAVE to make that trip within 2 weeks!!! :)

Melissa said...

Got the rest of the names??? Midget's sister could be "Bridgette" and her brother could be "Widget" or "Fidget" :) Just a couple of suggestions if you were in need of them!

Clarke Family said...

Midget is so tiny! I hope she makes it.:) And the buck is so cute!