Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Farmwife's Journal - July 9th

OK...I wrote this post over two weeks ago, but a busy life and a very unreliable Internet service do not make for good blogging!  It seems as though my service is either VERY slow or non-existent.  And I don't have time for slow Internet, so I just pass the computer by and am on to other things.  Hopefully they will get their problems solved soon. :)  Here's the post...

Life has been absolutely nuts lately.  It looks like things should settle down a bit this month, and I'm thankful! :)  Let's see...what has been happening around here?  Well, sweet Emily turned 16!  She wanted to go roller blading for her birthday, so we did that among other things.  Since she had outgrown her skates, she borrowed a pair...actually our friends said she could have them.  Well, she was working so hard at skating, and we were trying to give her tips because she seemed to be having such a hard time.  It was strange because she is such a good hockey player.  Then we realized (after we skated for two miles) that her wheels were falling apart!!  We immediately turned around. :)  Mike pulled her some, and I pushed some, with lots of laughs! :)  Every few minutes we would stop and peel another layer of rubber off her wheels, and then she would plod on.  She said it was a great workout! :)  We made some good memories that day. :)

Hope you all had a great Independence Day!  Here are some pictures of our holiday.  Our day started off with a very festive breakfast.  Fresh picked blueberries and homemade raspberry sauce...yum! :)

My waffles :)

Ben's waffle :)
Then we went to our friends for a 4th of July celebration.

On our way...a day off...yeah!! :)

Jonny and his friend, Eddie, in the three legged race

Em and her friend, Savanah, in the three legged race

Mike and I in the couples three legged race :)
We made it!  I thought for sure Mike would drag me to the finish line. :)
Boys lined up for the gunny sack races
Egg toss

Here goes Emmy! :)

Well, she caught it...right over her head...and then it broke! :)  If you look close you can see the egg dripping from her hair...a nasty conventional chicken egg too! :)

Pull boys pull!

The girls are beating the boys in tug of war! :)

Blind folded wives are going to feed their husbands pudding. :)

Faster honey, faster! :)
We had a great day, but were completely exhausted the next day due to spending the day in the extremely hot weather.  I think the temperature was over 100 degrees that day...and very humid! :(


Emily said...

May I also comment... Mom and Dad WON the three-legged race! :-)

Theresa said...

It was such a fun day! Loved the comment about the nasty conventional egg! Haha