Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Hail Storm

Last Wednesday afternoon, we got hit with a hail storm.  It was the most damaging storm we have had in the eleven years we have been here.  Actually there wasn't much to the storm, other than hail...large hail!  Some of the stones were near golf ball in size, and it hailed for about 10 minutes!

The hail storm.

Many of the watermelons and other melons have large holes and were split open.  Our onions also have large holes in them.

The blueberry netting caught a bunch of the hail, but unfortunately the netting is full of holes now and will need to be replaced.
Even the rain gauge has a hole in it. :(

 Most of the pumpkins survived, which Jonny was so grateful for!  Many of the plants look shredded and only time will tell how they will recover.  It is getting late in the season, so some things we are just going to be done with.
The vehicles and building all suffered damage.  Some roofs and siding will need to be replaced.  Two windows were broken, one in the garden shed, and one in the market building.  Two turkeys perished in the storm and several were injured.  The rest of the animals were fine.  Unlike the turkeys, the other animals are smart enough to seek shelter during a storm. :) 
All in all, we feel blessed.  It definitely could have been worse!  

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Theresa said...

Oh wow! We had hail here too but not as large as what you had.