Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Latest...

Creative use for weeds :)

Personal size swimming pools (barrels)

Ben chopping onions - without tears :)
I washed the carrots, Ben sliced them, and Em and Jonny blanched them.

Em and Jonny blanching carrots in the market building


One of our small strawberry patches, in desperate need of weeding.

Our pile of weeds

After the strawberry patch was weeded - how nice! :)

When weeding on a hot summer day, one must take a break for fresh, homemade lemonade


An afternoon at Meeker County fair

Food processing in the market building

Ben saucing tomatoes

Emily and her "little sister", Hannah, cutting hot peppers

An afternoon spent making lamb breakfast sausage and Italian the freezer they go! :)
Chopping comfrey root

Dehydrating comfrey root

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