Thursday, December 27, 2012

Farmwife's Journal - December 27th

I can't believe it has been over a month since I posted!  So much has happened in that time, and I am not sure where to start.  I guess I'll start with the very end of November when I had a Christmas tea party.  I had hoped to have four tea parties, one every Friday before Christmas, but time only allowed for one. :(  My dear friend, Brenda Rydberg, came and shared a Christmas devotional with us.  We had a great time!

We kicked off December with a day of farm chores.  The boys covered the garlic while Emily and me made apple sauce, dehydrated apples, and froze squash.

Hauling straw bales...the fun way! :)

Spreading the straw.

Drying apples

making apple sauce

Squash ready to freeze

We spent one afternoon at the Forest City Stockade.  It is always fun to walk around and look at all the buildings and see what is being made.  Jonny and Ben enjoyed taking turns driving the team on our horse-drawn wagon ride.  Below are a few pictures from our day.

Nice fur hat, Ben!

In the chapel, Jonny took a turn on the mandolin
Emily played some Christmas carols on the pump organ.
Since the ground is frozen, my boys are done digging their underground fort.  So one day I got this crazy idea that they should build a cabin.  Their Papa and his twin brother built a "shack" in the woods when they were 12 years old and lived in it every summer until they left home to go into the navy. 
With much excitement, we spent a day watching YouTube videos on how to build a log cabin.  The pictures below show how far they got before the big snowstorm hit. :)

Clearing a spot for the cabin

Chopping down the first tree


...the second tree, with a saw

four logs for the base

fitting the logs

snowstorm hit

Mike and the children planned a little Christmas program for the residents of Dassel Lakeside.  They played the piano, mandolin, and harmonica.  We snacked on cookies and had fun singing Christmas songs together.
Christmas program at Dassel Lakeside
 Here are some pictures of the kids piano recital.  They all did an awesome usual! :)  I will get the videos posted soon.

December 19th was an exciting day - Mike was sworn in as a county commissioner!  His parents joined us for the special occasion.  We were all so proud of him! :)

Me and Mike's parents

Getting sworn in by the judge

The four other commissioner that Mike will serve with.

Celebrating the day over dinner with the commissioners

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