Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Birthday

My family really blessed me on my birthday.  When they ask me what I want to do, I usually respond with a request for the day off.  So that is what we did - took the day off, well, at least I did. :)  Emily cooked up a storm in the kitchen and the boys helped her.  After breakfast in bed, my husband took me shopping and out for coffee.  When we got home, the whole family went for a hike in a park.  In the evening we relaxed with a family movie.  It was a very nice day! Thanks guys! :)

This is the large wooden spoon that Jonny made me for my birthday.  It's gorgeous!

This is a very well-made picture viewer that Ben made me.  The pictures go in the slots and you can turn the handle to view  the pictures.

Pretty neat!
Emily really surprised me for my birthday!  She bought us a stay at a Bed and Breakfast!  She also did this two years ago, for my 40th.  This time we stayed at the Nicolin Mansion in Jordan.  It was beautiful!  We left Sunday afternoon and got home Monday night.  What can I say?  My daughter spent her own money to buy some time with me - how precious is that?  We had a wonderful girls getaway! :)

Our room

She even ordered us a fruit tray!:)

Our bathroom

My sweet daughter

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