Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pick Your Pyrenees Puppy

This afternoon we gave all the puppies a bath and took individual pictures (which took over 3 hours).  Emily did the washing, Mindy did the drying, and Mike took the pictures (mostly). We also took some cute group pictures.

Every puppy now has its own color collar, although there are a few girls with the same color as a boy.  So below we will list each puppy by its collar color and sex.  The collars are hard to see in most of these pictures, but they won't be coming off the pups.

Note, puppies are difficult to pose, so we have quite a variety of poses. :)

Aqua Girl

Black Boy

Blue Boy

Blue Girl

Green Boy

Lime Boy

Lime Girl

Pink Girl

Purple Girl

Red Boy

Red Girl

1 comment:

Theresa said...

I'll take purple girl! :) She's a cutie. Just joking though, I have enough animals.

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