Monday, April 15, 2013

Farm Girl's Journal ~ Lambs!

The sheep are officially due today - the 15th.  Rosie decided to go early, though, and had her lambs sometime early Saturday morning (I missed the birth - *sniff sniff*)!  She's a 1st time momma, but had twins!  They are so cute.  The girl is just 5 pounds and the boy is around 7.  They weren't doing as well in the beginning (Rosie hasn't quite figured out this mom thing yet!) but after some TLC, (and some dropper feeding for the girl, bottle feeding for the boy!) they were making lamb bounces in the pen this morning. :-)  We have two, possibly three (not sure if the third one is pregnant or not) more ewes to lamb.  Yay!

The boy :)

The girl - sooo tiny but she's fattening up now :)

The boy again ;)

Any name ideas for our twins?

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