Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Housman Farms in the News

A few weeks ago one of our customers graciously forwarded our weekly email about "Friday on the Farm" to a reporter over at the local newspaper -- the Enterprise Dispatch. So Kristen Miller came out and got the farm tour and interviewed us for the paper. We are grateful for the free advertising, and expect that this Friday is going to be a busy one. To read the article, click here.
So for those of you who are new to the farm....Welcome! We look forward to meeting you!


Little Learners said...

THANK YOU for the link to the newspaper article! I was going to email and ask for it, as I didn't know which local paper it was in. Nice article (what, no pictures ;0)
Love, Melissa

Mindy said...

The article in the paper had three nice pictures, but for some reason they are not on the website. :(