Monday, March 1, 2010

Baby Chicks! By, Emily :)

On Thursday morning the long awaited telephone call came. The post office was calling to let us know that our chicks had arrived! They are laying hens...12 leghorns, 12 gold stars, 12 Americanas, and three roosters. There are about forty all together, as there's normally a few extras. Anyways, after milking, me, Ben, Jonny, and Dad all got into the truck and drove the looooooonnnngggg 5 minute drive to pick them up. When we FINALLY arrived, me, Ben, and Jonny went to the door and rang the bell. In a minute the door opened, and a lady handed us a peeping box! Excitedly, we got into the warm truck and cut open the box with the scissors we remembered to bring. We opened the lid and there they all were...peeping and complaining loudly, so loud it almost hurt our ears! They were SOOOOOOO cute! I immediately noticed one laying down on it's back, it's feet sort of stuck up in the air, the others trampling it. I thought it was dead, but when I picked it up, it moved slightly. It's eyes were shut and it lay in my hand limply. All the rest were happy and healthy. When we got home I took the chick into the house and gave it water, then held it in front of the fireplace. I was sure it was going to die. But after about an hour or so of sitting in front of the fireplace, it was running around, peeping, and pecking my pen while I did my math next to it. :) The chicks had a hard time keeping warm the first day or so, and we had a couple heaters in the chicken coop, but now they're all as happy as can be and in about five months they'll be laying eggs for your table! :)

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