Saturday, March 27, 2010

Grandma's Birthday! by, Emily

Last weekend we celebrated Grandma Berry's Birthday. We were planning to have a tea with her at noon, so while Mom picked Grandma up and ran some errands, I got everything ready. I baked a cake, made bagels, etc., while Jonny faithfully washed the dishes. :) At noon Mom and Grandma arrived home and we sat down for tea. The first course was fresh bagels with homemade herb cream cheese on top and an apple and walnut salad, as well as some mango tea. Next we had canned nectarines and pineapples topped with whip cream and cinnamon, chocolate cookies, and some little candies. Yum! Later that afternoon the whole family left to go to "Zellas", a restaurant in Hutchinson with delicious food. After dinner we came back, packed up some things, and me, Mom, Aunt Nadine, and Grandma all left to go to the Pillar Inn B&B. It was so much fun! The big house is beautifully decorated, and we stayed in the luxurious Grand Suite. After settling in, all four of us put on our suits and sat, or should I say squeezed into the the whirl pool for around an hour or so. :) Then we ate the chocolate cake, played a game of cards, and talked...and talked......and talked some more! :) Then around two o'clock we went to bed. The next morning we had a delicious breakfast, then left and shopped for a while. Grandma stayed the weekend with us. It was so much fun! Grandma is a wonderful Grandma and we are all so grateful for her. Happy Birthday! We love you!

P.S. (from Mindy)
When Grandma comes out to the farm she is always working, partly because there is always work to do, and also because Grandma likes to stay busy. :) But this time we took her out and pamper her, which was really fun! After having her here for four days Brandon said, "You know Mom, Grandma is one of those people that a person just never gets tired of having around. She could be here all the time and I wouldn't mind a bit." :)

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