Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Starting Seeds

We have been in the process of planting seeds since the end of February. Most of the seeds have germinated and are growing, but there are some I am still waiting on. Rosemary, for example, can take 20-90 days just to germinate!

In an effort to extend our growing season and have more space for starting seeds, Mike built me a little "hot house". It's made out of six glass patio doors, four (on their sides) screwed together to make a square and two across the top. Last summer a friend who was working as a carpenter remodeling homes saved all the glass doors and windows that were replaced and supposed to be thrown away, and instead brought them to us. What a friend! :) So last fall we put some of the glass over straw bales to keep our greens growing....it worked great! In fact I noticed, when I was in the garden the other day, that some of those greens are growing again (the glass is still over them). :)
Yesterday the temperature outside was around 50 degrees, but in my hot house it was 80 degrees. I was temped to go sit in it! :) As it gets warmer, I'll have to open up one of the doors a bit. Now today, it's barely 30 degrees outside (that's Minnesota for ya!), so I put a little heater in there and am keeping the temp at about 70 degrees since I have seeds that I am trying to germinate.
Growing plants really is easy, it just requires a lot of babysitting! :)

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