Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Barnyard Tour

We had a group from the Dassel Lakeside (Senior Living) Home out for a Barnyard Tour. Due to the fact that it is hard for some of them to get around, and the gravel paths are not very conducive to pushing walkers, we seated our guests in the barn and brought all the animals to them.

Our guests got to watch a milking demonstration, feed a bottled lamb, listen to a presentation from Emily about cats, see one of our pastured poultry pens, compare wool that was cleaned and carded with some that was sheared off the sheep this spring, and learn about how we care for our animals.

Most of our guests grew up on a farm and were familiar with the care of animals, but a lot of what we do is not "typical farming". For example, we feed our animals herbs, both for daily nutrition and for medicinal purposes, and we do not use chemical wormers. And the way we process our milk is much different also.

Of course I had to talk about some of the foods we sell and why they are so healthy. There is a huge difference between organically grown foods and conventional foods, and that is my favorite subject to talk about! :)

After the presentation we all headed up to the tent where we gave them some samples of our foods. We even had some time to sit and visit before the bus came to pick them up. :)

If you are interested in a tour, please contact us and set up a time. Tour can be scheduled any Friday and run from 2-3 pm. We do not do tours the second Friday of the month because we butcher chickens those mornings and are not able to set up for a tour. See our tour page for a description of our tours. :)

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