Thursday, June 24, 2010

Butcherin' Emily

Friday, June 11th, was our first butchering day of the season! I woke up around 6:30 to pouring rain, thunder, and lightening...... ahhh..... lovely butchering weather ....... :/ Today was also going to be Aunty Nadine's first experience butchering chickens! :) After some hot coffee and homemade doughnuts, we headed out into the weather.

Dad has built an amazing set up for butchering... including a homemade plucker and dunker. Dad's job was to load up the chickens in crates, then .... umm... well, after that then he hooked them up to the dunker, then Ben and I got them. We had the hard job. :/ We had to pull each little pin feather that the plucker didn't get... no fun....especially in the rain!

After we finished inspecting them for feathers, they got gutted by Mom, Brandon, and Jonny... then sent down to Aunty, who inspected them for any mistakes. Occasionally one got sent back to the gutters if they forgot something. Then she put them into the cooling tank.

By 11:00 all 75 chickens were done, and we also butchered a few old hens that belonged to some friends.
Then we all cleaned up and set up the market. Between two and three o'clock, chicken customers began arriving. They had pre-ordered their chickens. We bagged them up and weighed them for everyone, and they went home with their fresh, organic chicken to enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

We butchered chickens once. Our daughter raised them, but she was so attached to them that despite all my efforts to get her to butcher them when they were between two and three months old, she waited longer. Wow, were they tough! We ate them, though-I made mostly soup and stew with them.

Yours are delicious! Even though we didn't order any ahead of time because we just recently "discovered" you, we thank those who "forgot" to pick up their ordered chickens. Yummy!

Bless you, Emily and Ben, for plucking all those pin feathers! God bless all of you for your hard work and dedication!

Jerry, Lenore and family