Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Farmwife's Journal-April 25th

Today we had our sheep sheared.  Two other families brought their sheep over and joined in the fun. :)
One family stayed for lunch, games, and four wheeler rides. 

amazing sheep shearer

precious cargo

Jonny and Eddie

country bumpkins
 My plants got to enjoy another day out in the sun, but more cold rain is coming. :(
Spud did more tilling in his potato patch and even got some potatoes planted.

 We uncovered one of our strawberry patches (500 crowns) this afternoon. The straw was transferred to the blueberry patch for mulch. Lord willing, we will have organic strawberry crowns for sale this spring and lots of strawberries for sale this summer.

Emily gets the family award for the first tick of the season!


The Orange Jeep Dad said...

Thanks for posting. You encouranged me to google the term strawberry crown. Since I am attempting to grow five crowns (now that I know what to call it) this was very helpful. It also taught me that I have a "runner" and a "daughter plant."


Oh, did you remove the tick by covering it with vaseline to suffocate it?

Mindy said...

Ticks are pretty frequent around here, and most of the time we find the ticks crawling on us, as was the case with Emily's tick. If not, we just grab hold and pull them off. :)

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