Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Farmwife's Journal-May 16th

Finally sunshine!! :)
At last it is dry enough that we could get a few more things planted.  Today some more lettuce and carrot seeds were planted, and we were finally able to till part of the garden that has been so wet it hasn't gotten tilled yet this year.....ahhh...it's starting to feel like spring! :)
Unfortunately the nice spring weather also brings on the weeds!  We have been weeding and weeding!  Getting the weeds under control now prevents having to do tons of weeding all summer, so we plug away at it. :)
This evening we sold Buster and Bandit.  The people that bought them live on a hobby farm and have other animals.  The goats will help keep their pasture mowed down.  Seeing our animals go to a good home is always rewarding...especially for the children. :)
Here are a couple videos of Jonny and I.  We had been weeding in the herb garden, but we got a little side tracked. :)

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