Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Farmwife's Journal - August 10th

As usual it has been busy around the farm.  We have been picking cucumbers and making pickles about every other day.  Today we canned some dill relish, a family favorite.

We picked garlic about two weeks ago.  That will now be available at our Farmer's Market.  I have also been making some garlic braids to sell.

garlic drying
garlic braid

some garlic drying in the market building
 The guys have been remodeling the barn.  They made the main pen bigger and put a loft above all the animal stalls for more hay storage.  It feels much more roomy in there and looks neater too.  I am sure the animals are happier. ;)

workin' away

handsome and handy just like his daddy! :)
 Once the guys got the loft done, they spent a couple days getting loads of hay and stacking them in the barn.

almost finished
 We picked our first tomatoes yesterday...cherry tomatoes.  They lasted about 2 minuets.  We lost half of our larger variety of tomatoes to drowning and the rest are not looking so hot either.  It's been too soggy and the leaves are getting spotty. :(  It has been a tough year for gardening...lots of storms with strong winds and tons of rain, plus a spell of extremely hot weather.  But has finally cooled off a bit.  We even enjoyed a campfire last night.

coffee and cookies by the campfire

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