Thursday, December 29, 2011

Farmwife's Journal - December 29th

The warm days have created some ice rink challenges, but the good news is there isn't any snow to shovel and when the ice is solid the weather is great for skating.   And have been doing a lot of ice skating - family hockey!  It's good exercise and a fun time with other families.  Mostly fun...this past week, we had two adults get hurt (on different nights). :(  The ice just get harder as you get older. :)

The puppies are doing great!  Cute as ever!  Princess just started barking at night, like Jackson does, showing that she is feeling the need to defend the place. :)  Guess she is growing up. :(

I wasn't planning on taking this week off of school, but the weather has been so nice, and well...the kids talked me into it. :)  Ben and Jonny got model ships for Christmas, so they have been very consumed with those this week.  And Mike and I are trying to get our plans for next year in place.  We have some new ideas for the market, and we are getting more excited for the coming season, which is a good thing!  Every fall I convince myself that I don't want to do the market anymore.  I just get so burned out.  But the time off in the winter revives me! :)  We are considering changing our hours though and not having such a long season.  But we will let you know more about that later. :)  Pray for us as we make decisions on how we can best serve you.

Happy New Year from the Farm! :)

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