Thursday, December 1, 2011

Housman Farms Goes on Vacation!

Yeah! A vacation!!!  Thanks so much to our friends, the Mahlstedt family, for taking care of our farm while we were gone.  We are considering hiring them. :)  We think they take better care of our farm than we do! :)

Here are some picture of our time together up at Breezy Point.  We had a blast!  It wasn't what most people would consider a vacation because we are not very good at sitting around and relaxing.  We played soccer every day at the gym, went swimming all but one day, played hockey at the local arena one day for two hours, and did some hiking.  Emily and I spent most of Black Friday shopping, which was anything but relaxing. :)  I felt like I was able to get more exercise on vacation for a week, than I did all year. :)  Yes, we are an odd group! :) 

The pictures.....
Rest stop on our way to Breezy Point

Daily swim at 9am! 

Playin' hockey

Fancy dinner at Antlers in Breezy Point

Ben and Jonny at the top of the fire tower in Pequot Lakes-yikes!

Coffee before shopping in Nisswa on Black Friday

Horse-drawn wagon rides

Awesome fireworks in Nisswa on Black Friday!

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