Saturday, December 3, 2011

Farmwife's Journal - December 4th

AHHHHH....I feel all settled into life again.  It's a good feeling!  We had a week of  "nothing major" going on and it was wonderful.

Today we decorated the house for Christmas.  Now it's all warm and cozy in here with the glow of Christmas lights....and it's snowing as I write - perfect! :)

Other than decorating, it was just an ordinary work day on the farm.  Mike and the boys wormed the puppies and the sheep, trimmed goat hooves, cut down the asparagus, and put lights up by the pond for skating time.  Then they boiled deer heads...sound like fun?  After dinner they took them to the car wash and cleaned guy stuff! ??? :)

Emily and I went for a walk this afternoon and on our way she checked in on her bunny and sure enough, Bella was in labor!  By the time we got back, she had three bunnies.  Emily is beyond you can imagine. :)

Before dinner, Em and I brushed all three dogs.  Now that is a chore!  Jackson is a pleasure to brush.  He loves it!  Captain is also fun to brush, but he is such a fluff ball, it takes forever to get through him.  Then there is Princess.  I love her, but she is such a pain sometimes.  If she would stop biting at the brush, you might be able to get her looking nice.  Often it takes two (some days three) of us to brush her  - one or two holding and the other brushing.  She has so much energy.  Usually we run her around and get her all worn out before we brush her hoping that we can tire her out enough to get her to sit still, but it doesn't help. :) 

We just laugh at how different Captain and Princess are.  My friend, who is a breeder, says it's the difference between boy and girl dogs.  Both of their pens are out the back door, on either side of the patio, so we can peek at them any time during the day.  Princess is usually running around with her sheep hide in her mouth, swinging her head back and forth as if she is killing it.  Or she is digging a hole, running around her dog pen doing lap after lap, or barking at Jackson. Captain is usually just sitting there watching her. :)

When we bought the dogs, we were told that the naughty ones are easier to train.  We have found that to be true!  Princess has been so easy to train, but Captain, well, he usually could care less. ;)  But he is coming along!

After I finished brushing Princess today, I was putting her in her pen, and when I unhooked her collar she bolted for the gate.  I went running after her.  She ran between the house and Captain's pen and then around the corner of his pen.  Running as fast as I could, I bent to grab on to her and she stopped and rolled over, thinking we were playing some fun game.  At that point, I went sailing over her and rolled over onto the HARD ground.  My first thought was, "I am so glad we do not have neighbors!".   My second thought was, "Oh, my back!"  Then when I got up and called Princess, she happily came to me, like nothing had happened.  As I put her in her pen, I mumbled under my breath something about not getting anymore female puppies! :{

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