Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spring Recitals

Since this is my blog, I guess I can brag a little about my kids...right? :)  They all did an awesome job on their recital pieces, and I just HAD to post the videos, that way the grandparents can see them too.  Jonny had his mandolin recital last Thursday night, and the piano recital was on Friday night.  So proud of them!! :)


Lilya Litvak said...

Well done, all of you! I'm especially impressed by Jon and Ben! They do really well for their age. (The Spy duet was great!!) Also very impressive that everything was memorized. ;) Thanks for sharing!

Lydia L.

Kaitlyn said...

Great playing! Can you tell me who did the arrangement for "In Christ Alone"? Emily, you did a great job!!

Emily said...

Thanks Kaitlyn! I love that song... it was a lot of fun to learn! The arrangment is by Marilynn Ham. It is out of her music book "In Christ Alone" and has a bunch of other beautiful arrangments. I also have her book "Be Thou My Vision," another great one! :) I love her music.
Thanks! :)

Emily said...

...oh, and I forgot to mention. The one I played is a little different than the one in the book, because I didn't like part of it so I took it out and made my own version... LOL. =D