Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Jonny!

Happy Birthday (Oct. 8th) to my favorite 11 year old in the whole world!  Jonny is a joy and blessing to his family!  His life is characterized by his cheerfulness, forgiveness, tender heart, and hard work. 

When Jonny wakes up in the morning he hops right out of bed and joyfully goes about doing what he needs to do.  When he is working around the farm, he is often heard humming a tune.  This always makes the rest of us smile! :)  We so appreciate his good attitude and his love for life!

Another thing I really appreciate about Jonny is that he is quick to ask forgiveness, and he is always very sincere.  He keeps a clear conscience and doesn't hold grudges.  What a good example he is to all of us! 

Jonny is also a very hard worker!  He is faithful and committed to his chores, and you always know he will get the job done.  He is very responsible!

Happy Birthday Jonny!  We love you!

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